Bethesda is long overdue for a new engine. They have been using iterations of the same engine since oblivion and Fallout 3. Plus, The Elder Scrolls 6 has big competition with Witcher 3, the least they could do is get a new engine. They may not even do mod support with a new engine. Because why bother. They don’t throw their engine at other games outside TES or Fallout.

the elder scrolls 6
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The Elder Scrolls 6 will feature a new engine probably with no mod support

It would be nice to see them stop crawling forward and jump into a great new engine but that’s a load of work for something they already really have. The more we think about it the less we think they would create another mod friendly engine. It’s like digging a house’s foundation and then because someone arbitrarily says they don’t like ‘this hole’, you move one house over and dig the same hole again. If they decide to invest in a new engine they are gonna go all the way and try something else.

If they don’t create a mod-friendly engine, then they will kill the PC sales, which is the chief reason the series exists and how it stays relevant between titles. BethSoft games look dated as soon as they are released (because console limitations dictate a lowest common denominator*). We think an Elder Scrolls game without a construction set would mark the beginning of the end of the series and the decline of BethSoft.

Just like BioWare keeps dumbing down its game design in each iteration of their titles, Bethsoft has been following suit, albeit at a slower pace. The construction set is really the only saving grace in that regard since it introduces complexity and unlimited storytelling through modding. BioWare has very little of that and it hurts them as a company.

Anyways do you think The Elder Scrolls 6 will not feature mod support? Let us know in the comments.


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