We finally have a The Division Update 1.4 Release Date. It will be releasing next week on October 25. The devs also talked about some of the tings happening in 1.4. Long story short, the date we’ve been waiting for is finally announced and its quite close. There will be a maintenance period of 3 hours in the morning where they will deploy the update. Here’s a recap of what he update will feature.

the division update 1.4 release date
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The Division Update 1.4 Release Date is October 25

Upon reaching level 30, players are now able to select a World Level Tier that controls the level of enemy NPCs encountered and the quality of the loot they drop. There are a total of 4 World Level tiers. Tier 1: enemy lvl30, gear score rewards 163. Tier 2: enemy lvl31, gear score rewards 182, unlocks Challenge difficulty, unlocks Incursions. Then, Tier 3: enemy lvl32, gear score rewards 204. Tier 4: enemy lvl33, gear score rewards 229.

Activity difficulty in a same World Tier (Normal, Hard, Challenging) will provide more rewards. Heroic Difficulty is no longer available for any game activity.

Time-to-kill enemy NPCs has been lowered. Many improvements were made to enemy AI. Player ammo capacity has been increased by 50% after level 30. When matchmaking, the game will now attempt to refill empty slots if the group privacy allows it. Weapon magazines are now refilled when restocking from an ammo crate. The crafting material drops from the Base of Operations will now reward High-End quality after level 30.

The Map indicator for Rogue players now increases in size the closer they are to the player. Player grenade damage now scales with the current World Tier to ensure consistent efficiency against NPCs across World Tiers. Shotgunner NPCs: their damage falloff and accuracy have been slightly reduced. This should limit their range and lower their lethality in long to mid-range combat.

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