We love The Division and the direction where the devs wanted the game to go. However, the game still has persistent problems and issues even after update 1.04. The game has major issues that set it back. We want to give our opinions on these issues and why we think Ubisoft should fix these issues to prevent the player base from vanishing entirely. This is a really good game and we wouldn’t want it to have the same fate as the overly hyped No Man’s Sky. Here’s our take on The Division update 1.04 at the moment.

the division update 1.04
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Weapons are completely unbalanced

The fun in The Division is PvP. We believe that in a game like this the proper end game should be either PvP or Co-op (incursions/ raids). Even after the 20% multiplier increase which helped players with SMGs and assault rifles, the game feels unbalanced. In fact, the 20% damage increase for weapons was applied all over the board. So, weapons like shotguns which were already buffed are now completely over-powering. The Division is a stat-based game where you take a build according to your play style. Shotguns should be utility weapons. They should have a support role. Shotguns should have a bit of stagger damage, what we mean is that when you shoot someone running towards you with a shotgun they should be pushed back or slowed down instead of dying in one hit.

This is absolutely necessary because in a stat based game you spend hours building your health and armor. But when you see yourself getting one-shot by shotgun wielders, it makes all that effort pointless.

The Division Update 1.04 gear stats make absolutely no sense

Reclaimer is one of them. There’s no way that giving your entire team consumables incendiary and explosive rounds should possible without any of them running out. The solution to this is that if they’re going to make a Dark Zone area, certain things need to be run through a multiplier just like damage is. Incendiary and explosive rounds should affect players differently than it should the NPCs. So, for example, instead of getting 40,000 DPS and 65% damage resistance , you should get a smaller amount of that when it comes to fighting other players.

the division update 1.04
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Counters aren’t always helpful

The problem with having hard counters to certain things is that you never know what you’re going up against. There’s too many different people running around with different builds and skills to keep track of. So, you may have something that counters one person but not which counters the other players. That’s why we think skills shouldn’t have much of a role in PvP. An easy solution to this is to have a separate PvP mode like a Battle Royale game mode like the one in H1Z1.

The entire map needs to be made playable in a PvP match

Everyone spawns in a random area of the map with no gear. You have to find supply drops, weapon bags, and crates. The more loot you find, the stronger you will be. Push everyone into a spot and the last man standing wins. This approach works really well in open world zombie apocalypse games like DayZ and H1Z1 and it’ll be fantastic here too.

Weather effects

Weather effects like snow storms should push players into a corner or restrict them to a certain portion of the map. It will force players to find alternative ways and tactics. It’ll be especially deadly in PvP. PvP can also benefit with game modes like Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch.

Are you enjoying The Division Update 1.04? Do you think the game has any future? let us know in the comments.


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