We want to talk to you about the most recent The Division PTS patch notes. Yes, the PTS has been extended another week. Because there was now a lot of complain about the game being too easy with a lot of loot drops. However, this extra week for PTS does not mean the patch will be delayed. So, here are The Division PTS Week 4 Patch Notes.

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The Division PTS Week 4 Patch Notes

“Overall, the discussion highlighted one important thing. The definition of “fun”, “difficulty” and “rewarding” are very subjective. Everybody has their own view on them. We’ve seen that there is a clear split between players wanting the game to remain just as fun and rewarding as it is currently on the PTS. And those who believe that it has now become too easy and should be made harder. Our goal is to find a solution that should satisfy everyone, with the right middle ground between these two opinions.

One aspect that has been brought by the community and that we believe contributes heavily to the perception of the game being too easy is the inconsistent difficulty between Underground Challenge Mode and Main Mission Challenge Modes. Our own data analysis confirmed this inconsistency. And even showed that it could be faster to farm Underground Challenge Mode as a solo player.

Underground Challenge Mode will now scale to group size in terms of enemy health and damage, but no longer in enemy quantity. This means that when playing solo or in a smaller group, you will face more enemies in Underground Challenge Mode than in the past.

To go with this change, chances to drop items from random enemies in Underground have been slightly lowered to ensure that an increase of enemies does not lead to even more loot.”

You can read the rest of the patch notes on the official Ubisoft forums. Let us know your thoughts about The Division PTS Week 4 Patch Notes.


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