The Division has had one hell of a journey since its March launch (most of it not great). But the developers have just completed one of the biggest overhauls of any game in history. And in this article we’re going to give you an honest breakdown of why you should come back to the game after the The Division Patch 1.4 releases.

the division patch 1.4
via tomclancy

The Division Patch 1.4 improvements

Upon reaching level 30, players are now able to select a World Level Tier that controls the level of enemy NPCs encountered and the quality of the loot they drop. There are a total of 4 World Level tiers. Tier 1: enemy lvl30, gear score rewards 163. And Tier 2: enemy lvl31, gear score rewards 182, unlocks Challenge difficulty, unlocks Incursions. Tier 3: enemy lvl32, gear score rewards 204. And Tier 4: enemy lvl33, gear score rewards 229. Activity difficulty in a same World Tier (Normal, Hard, Challenging) will provide more rewards.

Players now have the “mark as junk” option when equipping mods. Players can now mark weapon and gear items as “favorites” which locks them in their inventory. Locked items cannot be sold, shared or dismantled. Weapon skins no longer take inventory space. Equipped items are now always displayed at the top of the inventory list. Recalibrated items now have an icon displayed next to their recalibrated stat/talent. Crafting materials can now be converted in bulk at the Crafting Station. Players can now deconstruct items from the Stash. Players now have an option to find a better server if they are currently on one that is not their best option. They can do so from the Group Management menu.

Time-to-kill enemy NPCs has been lowered. Many improvements were made to enemy AI. Player ammo capacity has been increased by 50% after level 30. When matchmaking the game will now attempt to refill empty slots if the group privacy allows it. Incendiary and Explosive Rounds will no longer apply status effects like Stagger and On Fire. Accuracy will now be lowered for a short duration after performing a combat roll.

Let us know your thoughts on The Division Patch 1.4.