The Division just got a whole new free update, titled the Incursions update. A fairly big update, Incursions changes the game in many significant ways based on how players are currently interacting with the game according to Ubisoft Massive’s observations. Most notably, changes are coming to Phoenix Credits and the game’s crafting system.

The Division Free Update

According to the developers, a slight Phoenix Credit increases will now be awarded for taking down named enemies that are levels 31 and 32. For Level 30 enemies, you will earn 1-3 Phoenix Credits. For Level 31 enemies, you will earn 2-4 Phoenix Credits, and for Level 32 enemies, you will earn 3-5 Phoenix Credits. Recalibrating High-End items will no longer cost Phoenix Credits either: you’ll spend normal Credits on them instead. Finally, the vendor in the Church Safe House will now sell items in Dark Zone Funds, instead of Phoenix Credits.

As for the crafting system, costs for materials needed to craft items have been doubled or tripled. Deconstructing weapons and items will now yield only one material instead of two, and it will take a much longer time to grind craft items. Needless to say, crafting has been considerably nerfed.

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There’s a whole bunch of more changes, so check out the official changelog here.


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