Ok, we got reports way back in 2014 that all DLC packs for The Division will be published first on Xbox One, but there weren’t any details about the time period of this exclusivity. But now a new video published by GameStop provides some details about that.

The Division

In the video, which you can see bellow, a GameStop sales associate says that The Division DLC will arrive on Xbox One 30 days before Sony, clearly referencing to PlayStation 4 (just go to the 1:44 part of the video). The faith of PC DLC packs is unknown at the moment, but knowing Microsoft, PC players could probably expect 30 days delay for their version of the game as well.

This isn’t a surprising move, because Microsoft already partnered with Ubisoft in releasing The Division closed beta one day earlier for Xbox One, and this early access for Xbox One gamers will be also valid for the open beta.

For now, we know that The Division will have three paid DLC’s (Underground, Survival, and Last Stand) as well as free updates that will include stuff like new game modes. We are hoping that at least free updates won’t have 30 days Xbox One exclusivity. On the other side, Sony made a deal with Activision to bring DLC for Black Ops 3 first on PlayStation 4.


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