Prepare to be spoiled: data mining of The Division’s PC pre-load files have revealed a wealth of information on the title, which comes out tomorrow. We now know how many missions the game will have, as well as where it will start, and a lot more. Beware of spoilers below!


According to the data mining, there will be 26 missions in the game, and the mined data reveals the names as well (or at least their development names). The list does not include the side missions, Dark Zone content and what future updates the game might game.

It appears that the game’s prologue will be set in Brooklyn. Another mission called “Kill the Tank” will likely be part of the first batch of DLC for the game, although we don’t know if this will be a paid expansion or a free update.

Other info from the mining includes a complete list of the game’s 130+ weapons as well as their stats, such as accuracy, stability, range and reload speed. There are a total of 200,000 audio files discovered, which go on to spoil the end game content as well. Take a look at the compilation of all the mined data in this YouTube video below.


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