Tom Clancy’s The Division hasn’t been out for long now, and that means a lot of beginners are trying their hands at Tom Clancy-ing the heck out of New York City. Here’s a bunch of tips on how to get ahead of the pack.

The Division

Use Burst Fire instead of keeping up sustained fire. The only exception here is machine guns, which get more accurate the longer you hold down the trigger. For the rest, though, you don’t really need much more than a short burst.

Shoot the Weak Spots, such as Cleaners’ gas tanks, or hitting grenadiers before they can complete their throw, which will cause them to drop the grenade at their own feet. And of course, if it’s red, shoot it.

Flank, Flank, Flank. You’ll expose enemies by moving up to their sides, giving you a better shot at making headshots.

Keep a shotgun or SMG around for close encounters. A lot of enemies prefer to hit you in close range, so make sure you have something that will work in tight quarters.

Don’t Skip Side Missions as this is how you’ll find new crafting recipes. Do the side missions you receive from JTF officers and situation boards in particular.

Learn to Power Level: form a party with a bunch of higher-levelled friends, and head to a nearby safe house. Pick up a local job, then have them complete a bunch of side missions. This way, you’ll catch up with them in no time.

Know any more great tips for The Division? Let us know in the comments below.


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