On paper, The Crew sounds like a fantastic game. Team up with a group of friends for an epic road trip. Go on fast-paced illegal activities and explore a massive map of the US. From the tip of Maine, over to Miami and all the way back over to Los Angeles again. All of this is possible in The Crew. Although the game had shoddy reviews on launch, it’s still fun to play, especially with friends. Well, good news for you and your buddies. The Crew is free on PC as part of Uplay’s 30th-anniversary celebration.

the crew
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The Crew is Free on PC

To get the game, go to the Ubi30 webpage. Click “Get Your Free Game on PC Now”. Follow the instructions to download and install the title. Ubisoft was founded in 1986 and now they are celebrating their 30th anniversary. They have been giving away free games since June. The free games include Prince of Persia Sands of Time, Splinter Cell, and Rayman Origins.

The Crew is a 2014 online racing video game. Ivory Tower developed it and Ubisoft published it for Microsoft Windows and consoles.

The map is split into five regions: The Midwest, East Coast, The South, Mountain States, and West Coast. Each region has its own unique geographical features. Six main cities (one in each region, two in the Midwest) are featured in the game. Detroit and Chicago in the Midwest. New York City on the East Coast. Miami in The South. Las Vegas in the Mountain States. Furthermore, Los Angeles is on the West Coast. Various other cities, such as San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Santa Fe, are also in the game. Over thirty smaller cities and towns line the countryside like Nashville. It takes approximately 45 minutes in real time to drive from coast to coast in-game.

Let us know whether you will be getting The Crew on PC at the moment.


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