If you have been following every episode of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, you should know that the drama is going to level up this week. New spoilers tease that all the upcoming events shouldn’t be missed by the fans in any case, as a lot of complications are going to unfold. Bill and Brooke’s wedding is arriving, but Ridge kissing her will make things even more complex. Meanwhile, Quinn has decided to support Eric while he is recovering from his medical issues, and all this will result in more conflicts.

the bold and the beautiful

In the Friday episode, at a meeting held by Quinn and Wyatt at Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge pushed back against the requests made by Eric. This heated up the situation and Steffy and Ridge got booted from the company by Quinn. Reports gave out some Ridge will throw some serious accusations at Quinn about how she treats Eric. Of course, Quinn will explain in detail how Eric has changed her and made her better. Though many think her evil side is not yet dead, Quinn will press that she will do anything to protect Eric.


Meanwhile, Brooke got a huge surprise when her ex-flame kissed her, and the latest ‘Bold and Beautiful’ spoilers suggest that this could make matters worse. Of course, she will tell him to stop kissing her. RJ will ask his mother again to cancel her marriage plans with Bill, while Ridge is in the favor of the marriage as it will get him the Forrester Creations shares. Of course, he is slowly realizing that he doesn’t actually want her married to Bill. Brooke insists that she wants to marry both for love and the company shares.

Course, Bill will go on to plan the wedding well and will ask Justin to be his best man. Brook will be tapping Donna for the role of her maid of honor. This event will be the highlight of this week. In the meantime, Ridge will be forced to reconsider his plans and will explain to RJ about the catalyst for the wedding. Of course, Brooke will insist that she wants to marry Bill, but it is expected that she will admit to Donna that she’s getting nervous.

Bill is going on with his plans in full force, but Ridge will set him off by doing something unexpected. This could risk the entire event. Ridge may also plead to Brooke to cancel the wedding. So if that happens, the nuptials will start while the bride goes missing.

On the other fronts, Zende and Nicole are finding it hard to carry another baby for Rick and Maya, thus leading to some difficult moments. Caroline and Thomas are expected to debut as a couple, while Steffy will get concerned about their timing. Wyatt will also issue an ultimatum to his wife and she will reunite with her husband, but let’s wait for more developments on that front before we say anymore.

Lots of drama is going to happen in the upcoming episodes of ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’. So stay tuned for more updates.


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