The Bachelorette Season 13 will not air on June 12 (Week 4). The reality show will run a repeat on that day. The reason behind this has now been revealed. Meanwhile, the preview of week 3 shows DeMario returns to the Bachelorette mansion. Is he back in the show?

The Reason Behind June 12 Episode Postponed

The Bachelorette will not air on Monday, June 12 because of the Game 5 of the NBA Finals, reported RealitySteve. He further states that “Even if one team happens to sweep and the series is over in four, it still will not air. He says that the show only lasts for 11 weeks and May 22 to August 7 (Finale of The Bachelorette Season 13) becomes 12 weeks. Therefore, a repeat telecast will run on that day.

The Bachelorette
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DeMario Returns To The Bachelorette Mansion?

When DeMario is found cheating on Rachel Lindsay in the Season 13 of The Bachelorette, she asked him to leave the show. DeMario’s girlfriend came to the Basketball court and revealed to Rachel about their relationship. Rachel was extremely hurt after listening to her and asked him to immediately leave.

But it appears that after his shocking exit from Week 2, there is something left for DeMario to tell Rachel. At the end of Episode 2, Rachel was informed by host Chris Harrison that there is an uninvited guest at the mansion.

The preview of Week 3 shows DeMario comes and wants to see Rachel and explain to her. Rachel becomes curious and wants to find out what is it that DeMario has to say. She walks toward him and the bachelors in the mansion are not happy with this.

From the preview, it appears that one of the Rachel’s guys will move on to argue with DeMario. It also reveals that the guys will clash over an issue and there will be unrest in the mansion.

When Will The Bachelorette Season 13 Week 3 Episode Air?

The next episode of week 3 will air on June 5 on ABC network. This episode will unfold the drama associated with suitor DeMario.

Watch the preview here:


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