The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7 will see two guys going home as Rachel decides which four guys will get the hometown dates. Read to know five things that will happen in the next episode.

1. Destination

The next destination for Rachel and her suitors is Switzerland. According to the official spoilers, “Rachel and the six remaining bachelors visit Geneva, Switzerland,” it continues, “…where roses are handed out on three individual dates and one group date,” reported TV Guide.

2. Which Suitors Will Get Single dates?

According to Reality Steve, in this episode, Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus, and Dean Unglert will receive single dates. As per TV Guide, “Rachel takes Bryan shopping and Peter on a helicopter flight over the Swiss Alps.”  Reality Steve says that Rachel and Dean visited Old Town Geneva.

The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7
Photo Credit: Facebook/The Bachelorette

3. Group Date

The official spoilers say, “Adam, Eric, and Matt go on a boat ride to a stunning castle where they try to win Rachel’s favor.” But this will be a tough call for Rachel. In the recently dropped preview of The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 7, Rachel is seen crying. She says she is here to find a husband. “But there is a possibility that may not happen. That is when I get terrified, that I might make a decision and send a wrong person home.“

4. Rachel Cries; Is Peter Responsible For That?

Peter Kraus, in the recently dropped preview, confesses that Rachel had tears in her eyes and he blames himself for that. He also adds that after last night she will have a tough time believing in love ever again. So it is a tough time for Rachel.

5. Dean and Rachel Sort Out Differences

In the preview dropped, it is clear that Rachel and Dean are having some differences.  He tells her that she is closing herself up which is not allowing them to have a relationship. Is this a sign of concern from Dean for Rachel?

There is a possibility that after this episode, Rachel will keep Eric, Dean, Bryan, and Peter for the hometown dates, reports Reality Steve. This drops a hint that Matt and Adam will be sent back home. This episode will air on July 10, 2017, on ABC Network, reported TV Guide.


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