Tesla recently updated its Tesla Design Studio, and if you look at it closely you’ll find a couple of new models. The two new models aren’t exactly new, they are both different versions of Tesla Model S and Model X, bearing 100D mark instead P100D (P prefix is for performance).

Tesla Model S

The 100D variants can go for 335 miles (for Model S 100D) and 295 miles (for Model X 100D) per single charge, respectively. If you decide to buy Tesla Model S 100D, you’ll be able to drive 20 miles longer per one charge. The Model X 100D will give you just 7 extra miles compared to Model X P100D.

As for the prices, Tesla Model S 100D costs $39,500 less than Model S P100D, and the new Tesla Model X 100D costs $37,000 less than the P100D version. If you are willing to let go of the extra performance you’ll save lots of money and get more miles per charge. Nice deal, especially since both models share the acceleration of the 90D variants (0-60 times of 4.2 seconds in the S, and 4.8 seconds in the X), and are just $3,000 more expensive than the 90D variants.

Tesla Model X

As for the 90D versions, it is likely for Tesla to soon stop selling them on its website since the new variants sport almost the same price, offer the same standard equipment, but have larger batteries and better miles-per-charge ratio.  And since most electric car lovers are more interested in efficiency than power, it looks like Tesla introduced a new line of best sellers.

Tesla now offers electric vehicles with a battery capacity of 60, 75, 90 and 100 kWh, but remember that the 90 kWh (90D) option is likely to stop selling soon.

Tesla doesn’t think just about efficiency. The company recently updated the Model S P100D with the new Ludicrous+ Mode, allowing the car to go from 0 to 60 in just 2.4 seconds.

We could soon see an electric vehicle from Tesla capable of going for more than 500 miles per single charge since Elon Musk said in the past that a 600-mile range could be possible to achieve during 2017.


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