Tesla Motors has been on a role as far as self-driving cars are concerned. Even though many thought the world was not ready for such advancement in technology, Tesla had other ideas. And now, it looks that the move has paid off as the competitors are biting their nails.


Tesla and the 1.3 Billion Miles of Data

It isn’t easy pioneering a project in any field or industry. Same was the case with Tesla when the crash of Model S prompted an investigation. Critics were on their toes and waiting for the company to retire from the ambitious project. But Tesla didn’t give it up and went ahead to score miraculous 1.3 billion miles of data about the different road and weather conditions, one can imagine.

Mind you, this is as precious a data any motor company can imagine to dominate the electric car industry. Tesla is far ahead of the competition and the possibilities to learn from this data is limitless. The company can put this data to use for improving the safety of Tesla’s self-driving cars, reported Bloomberg.

What’s Next for Tesla

Now that the technical aspects of the project are well taken care of, Tesla is planning to shift focus to the aesthetics. As reported by Electrek, Tesla has hired Anders Bell from Volvo for this job. He has been recruited as the Head of Interior Engineering after serving at Volvo since 1998. Anders is the man behind Volvo’s famous car such as the S60L 2015 and Volvo XC902015.

One of the complaints from Tesla customers was lack lustered interiors, and the company is ready to put this behind with the new recruit. Bell has a strong resume in designing great interiors and Tesla would love to see itself go ahead of competitors in this department.

All in all, Tesla has now got great potential, data and talent at hand to put a great car. Let’s see if the company can put all this to produce a great product.


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