A story about the Tesla Model S owner who sacrificed his vehicle in order to save the life of a fellow driver received huge media attention. Even Elon Musk heard about it and offered the owner a nice gift.

Image Credit: Feuerwehr Munchen/Facebook

The driver, Manfred Kick, was behind the wheel of his Tesla Model S driving on the German Autobahn near Munich when he saw something strange. Another driver inside a Volkswagen Passat was driving his car erratically on the road, hitting the rail a couple of times.

Kick helped the man by reaching the Passat and after seeing that the driver is unconscious, he positioned his car in front of the Passat and then slowly started to decelerate in order for the Passat to crash into his Tesla Model S. Both cars stopped, and the paramedics concluded that the Passat driver suffered a stroke. If it weren’t for Kick, who knows that could have happened.

Elon Musk heard about the story and offered Kick a free repair for his Model S. It seems good deeds eventually get recognized. Nevertheless, Manfred Kick selflessly saved another man’s life and even without Musk offering him repairs free of charge, the reward of helping another human in trouble is surely more than enough for Manfred. On top of all that he got a free repair, which is a nice bonus.


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