Tesla touts its forthcoming Model 3 as an efficient electric car that can take you across 215 miles (346 km) on a single charge. However, the folks over at Electrek claim to have gathered evidence showing the much-anticipated next-generation Tesla can deliver as much as 300 miles (482 km) per charge.

Note that the miles-per-charge number promised by Tesla is what the standard battery pack is capable of offering.

Electrek’s claim comes shortly after a Model 3 was spotted at the San Mateo Supercharger earlier this week. As you would expect, people had their cameras ready and images of the car made their way to the web shortly after.

Tesla Model 3 300 mile range per charge
Via Electrek

One of these “leaked” images gives us a sneak peek into the UI while the vehicle was still Supercharging. Upon analyzing the battery pack graphic visible in the image, it becomes apparent that the state of charge was just about 30% at the time when the picture was taken, while the corresponding distance traveled stood at 95 miles (152 km).

Use some basic math and you will find that the overall range may very well be close to the 300 mile-mark once fully charged. Of course, we should not discount the fact that the total range is also dependent on the range mode which doesn’t accurately represent the EPA-related range (the range that Tesla will advertise).

Granted, it’s not the best way one could come up with to estimate the range of a vehicle. However, it is also possible that the Elon Musk-owned company will give you the freedom to opt for one of those larger battery pack with 70-75 kWh capacity that could make the said range possible.

Don’t forget that these are mere speculations — however plausible. The picture is expected to be much clearer next month when Tesla officially begins the production of Model 3. But until then, these little “leaks” will probably suffice to keep the anticipation among the enthusiasts at near peak.


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