Tesla Model 3 was to enter production during the mid of this year and it seems that rollout shouldn’t be far away. The company has updated its website informing the reservation holders of the Model 3 that the test drives of the vehicle will start in “Late 2017”.

near-final tesla model 3 caught on camera

Not only the Model 3, Tesla also directed the customers willing to take a test drive to Model S and Model X if they wish to join the Tesla bandwagon without waiting for the Model 3. Electrek notes that the “schedule test drive” button is for the Model S and Model X, even though the test drive banner talks about Model 3.

It wouldn’t be easy for Tesla to take new reservations for the Model 3 which has already gained popularity especially because of its affordable pricing. Reportedly, Tesla already has a reservation backlog of 400,000 for the Model 3 alone, which will have to be cleared first when the units start coming out from the factory.

However, the company has made the test drive easily accessible for the reservation holders in the past too. Tesla had some of the early production cars travelling across its markets and making them available for those who have already reserved a car.

More details on how Tesla will carry out test drives for Model 3 customers will be known in the coming weeks when the company starts manufacturing the car.

Tesla cars are known for their clean dash with just a large screen placed in the center that takes care of everything. The image shows nothing new in terms of the design or anything that is visibly changed. These images are probably from cars that are being tested by the company that’s why they have all the mess on and below the passenger seat with some equipment on the dash.

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