“Teen Wolf” Season 6B Spoilers indicate that the pack of werewolves will be in trouble yet again as Argent and his group of hunters breaks the truce. The reason for breaking the peace pact is not known. However, a delicate romantic complication is expected as Melissa will fall deeply in love with Argent.

But he is out hunting for her son Scott. How will she save him from Argent? It is going to be a very difficult situation for Melissa. Check out more details!

Scott And Friends Face Danger In ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) is currently enjoying his last college free months until the university exams begin. But he along with his group will be facing supernatural threats as the hunters are back and the Alpha’s original fears start coming true, reports Blasting News.

Teen Wolf Season 6B

The source says that “Teen Wolf” Season 6B is more about Scott and his friends who once again become outsider pariahs and start fearing the outsider. The latest promo shows Argent along with his group of hunters hunting down for Scott and is pack.

It is not clear how many hunters are in the group as it is quite dark in the forest. But when Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Scott hear footsteps they get scared indicating that they are afraid of the hunters approaching them. The two of them hear multiple hearts beating due to which both of them decide to run away and hide.

In that instance, Scott remembers the night he was previously hunted by the Argents and he feels the same anger and dreadful feeling that he experienced at that time.

Will Argent’s Decision Break Melissa’s Heart?

In the previous season, a truce was established between the Argents and the pack of werewolves. Now it seems in the “Teen Wolf” Season 6B, Argent will break the truce which can seriously affect his budding romance with Melissa, reports The Christian Post.

The last episode of Season 6A showed growing romance in between Melissa and Argent. Even the executive producer of the show, Jeff Davis has hinted that Melissa will fall deeply in love with Argent and their love story will be the most complicated one.

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“Teen Wolf” Season 6B is expected to return this summer on MTV.