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“Teen Wolf” Season 6B will not have Dylan O’Brien as the regular actor. Although he will have a cameo, his character Stiles Stilinski will not continue for long in the last 10 episodes of the series. Also, check out who will most probably die in the speculated death wave in Beacon Hills.

O’Brien has been the part of the show right from its beginning. However, he will be only playing some minor cameos in the upcoming “Teen Wolf” Season 6B.

Stiles To Focus On Pre-FBI Program

The creators of the show managed somehow the unforeseen hiatus of O’Brien in the last season even though his character was highly essential, says Blasting News. It was because the Maze Runner star had an accident while filming “Death Cure.”

The source says that in one of the episodes of “Teen Wolf” Season 6B, Stiles will be going to George Washington University and would leave some of his friends behind in the Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Season 6B
Image credits – Teen Wolf Wiki – Wikia

Linden Ashby, who portrays the role of Sheriff Stilinski in the series, said that O’Brien’s role will focus on pre-FBI program and will not travel back home.

Who Will Die In ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B?

Death is indeed going to invade the Beacon Hills and the upcoming 10 episodes of the show will most likely focus on death wave in which many characters will perish. But who will be the ones to die and who will survive the fight for life?

According to Fansided, the first to go can be Theo as he has been living on borrowed time since he returned to the world in the “Teen Wolf” Season 6A. Hence, there is a high probability that the villain will die while saving the life of Scott or any other member.

Another character is Corey who may die early on in “Teen Wolf” Season 6B since he is considered to be the greenest member of the pack of Scott. He already has made few mistakes and if he dies, the pack will certainly have something to fight about.

Update [Premiere Date]

According to Variety’s exclusive report, Teen Wolf Season 6B will premiere on July 30, 2017, at 8 p.m.


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