“Teen Wolf” Season 6B spoilers indicate that the hunters including Argent are going to return. So it is bad news for Malia, Lydia and more importantly for Scott as Argent will try everything to trap the trio of werewolves. Now it would be interesting to see whether they manage to save themselves from Argent’s attack or not. Check out in detail!

According to The Christian Post, the spoilers for “Teen Wolf” Season 6B suggest that Argent (JR Bourne) will be back to hunting down the werewolves. The latest teaser for the next season reveals that the hunter is back to what he always wanted to do. Argent comes from a family that has vowed to get rid of the wolves from the world as they have disrupted the natural balance of things.

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B Latest Teaser Update

The latest trailer clip shows that Scott (Tyler Posey) is running away from something in the woods. Suddenly he stumbles in the dark. Elsewhere, Alpha is having flashbacks of the night when Argent family members were hunting for him. The teaser’s focus then shifts to the present and shows that Scott has reunited with Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Lydia (Holland Roden).

Teen Wolf Season 6B

The girls are surprised to see a frightened Scott in “Teen Wolf” Season 6B teaser and ask him what is wrong.  But suddenly the trio hears someone coming so instead of answering their question Scott warn the two girls about the danger.

Malia is quite aware of the danger and confirms Scott’s suspicions as the clip shows that a group of hunters is searching aggressively in the woods for their prey. The group is being led by none other than Argent who now is eager to finish off what he started.

Teen Wolf Season 6B

Pact Between Argent’s Family & Werewolves End

The latest “Teen Wolf” Season 6B teaser indicates that the truce pact between Argent’s family and the pack of the werewolf is over now. Argent tries to take on Alpha whereas the girls and Scott try to run away as they are quite aware of the strength of Argent and his troop.

The last moments of “Teen Wolf” Season 6B teaser shows the trio running away from the hunters as they are approached with weapons, reports Christian Today.  According to the executive producer of the show, Jeff Davis, the finale episode of the series will focus on the rise of new hunters.

So there will be more hunter families apart from Argents, and the Calaveras who will be going after Scott and his group in the next season.

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