As the premiere for the second part of the season 6 of Teen Wolf nears, more and more details have started to come in. The characters of the show will get a new addition in the form of a hellhound. The supernatural being will be called Halwyn and will be played by Casey Deidrick.

Image by EW

For the premiere dates, Variety has independently confirmed that the popular MTV series will start airing by the end of this month on July 30th at 8 PM. It becomes even more important for the makers and the viewers because the sixth season is going to be the final one for the show. The significance of the show can also be seen from the time slot allotted to the show, the report notes.

Coming to the introduction of Halwyn, the news comes exclusively from Entertainment Weekly that provides a few more details about the hellhound. Apparently, Deidrick had tweeted a photo of his character a while back and the details of the character could be confirmed now when EW managed to get hold of them.

Reportedly, Halwyn is about a hundred years old and was a resident of Eichen House. The Eichen House had a lot happening around it in the season 5 and the viewers got a dose of a handful of cool stuff. The part that is not yet clear about the character is which side the new Hellhound be on.

After the events that happened in the first part of the season 6, it was almost confirmed that a new evil will emerge. Only the premiere of this season will reveal if Halwyn would be a friend or a foe. After all, not everything could be revealed beforehand.

Besides Halwyn, a number of older characters will be making a comeback in the last ten episodes of the show. However, we are yet to know whether Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin will be back in their roles or not, only time will tell.


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