Teen Wolf season 6 episode 5 was released a few days ago, and fans are now eagerly waiting for the next episode to arrive. However, for episode 6, fans have to wait a little longer as the series is currently taking a winter break.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6

Recently, the studio behind this critically acclaimed series released a brand new sneak peek of the upcoming episode to get fans hyped up for it. The sneak peek trailer has a length of around 52 seconds and it gives fans a glimpse at what they can expect to see in the next episode of Teen Wolf. In it, Scott McCall is seen talking to Sheriff Stilinski regarding Claudia’s Jeep.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6 Sneak Peek 

The sneak peek starts with Sheriff Stilinski entering the police station to talk with Scott. The Sheriff asks him about the voice he heard coming through the radio, and before he could complete what he had to say, Scott answers. “You heard a voice, coming through the radio and now you are convinced it is the voice of” says Sheriff Stilinski. Scott quickly cuts him off and says ““…it is the voice of Stiles, your son.”

Scott is then seen trying to convince Sheriff Stilinski that no matter what, Stiles is his son. He then gives him the keys of Claudia’s jeep-Roscoe and tells him that Peter Hale gave him these keys. However, Sheriff Stilinski doesn’t believe a single word Scott had said, so he shuts him up by saying that “Enough Scott, enough.” The sneak peek then sends with Scott giving the Sheriff a serious look.

Those who have been watching the sixth season from the start know that Scott is currently unable to remember who Stiles really is. He could only feel that he was one of his best friends. Lydia on the other hand, only remembered that Stiles was someone who loved her. However, judging from the sneak peek of Teen Wolf season 6 episode 6, it now seems that Scott has finally realized who Stiles is.

Rafe McCall To Return In Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6

Along with this, Scott’s father, Rafe McCall is also going to return in Teen Wolf season 6. He last appeared in season 4. For those who don’t know, Rafe is an FBI Agent. So there is a chance that he might help Stiles and the others in finding some information regarding the ghost town of Canaan.

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 6 Release Date

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 6 will be released on January 3, 2017. During the recent comic con, the cast of Teen Wolf revealed that season 6 is going to be the last season of Teen Wolf.

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