The most anticipated Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 11 will premiere on July 30. Recently, the trailer for the Season 6B has been dropped. This trailer teases major spoilers. Read to know more.

1. An Ancient Evil

The trailer of Teen Wolf Season 6B teases an ancient evil returning to the Beacon Hills. There are spider webs seen everywhere and perhaps it has some connection to the new enemy. Lydia is seen walking through this web. As she is a banshee, will she learn who the new faceless evil is?

2. A New Hellhound

American actor Casey Deidrick will play the new hellhound called Halwyn in Teen Wolf Season 6B. His character is revealed to be having mysterious ties with an ancient evil that is now threatening Beacon Hills. Will he join Scott’s pack or will he be the new partner in crime troubling Scott and his friends? This is something to look forward to the new episode.

3. Derek Hale Aka Tyler Hoechlin Is Back

Character Derek played by actor Tyler Hoechlin was not seen in the first half of the series. But in Teen Wolf Season 6b, Derek is likely to play an important role. He is seen in the trailer alongside Stiles and they both seem to have a good bonding. How and where Stiles meet Derek does might be revealed in Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 11, but his return has not made Scott McCall happy. He is seen surprised watching Derek return.

Teen Wolf
Photo Credit: Facebook/Teen Wolf

4. Theme of War Is Teased

The trailer teases that someone is waging a war against Scott’s pack. Who is this new enemy and what is the purpose behind this war is something to look forward to Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 11. As this season is the last season of the series, there is a potential possibility of death. Will everyone die in this war?

5. A New Budding Romance Between Stiles, Malia

The first part of Season 6 has wrapped up the romantic story of Stiles and Lydia. But it looks like the Season 6B will see a new romantic relationship budding between Scott and Malia. Previously there were speculations that Scott and Kira Yukimura might end up being together. But after the departure of Arden Cho from the series, Scott remained single in Season 6A.

A scene from the trailer shows the new couple having a shower together in the bathroom. Hence there is a possibility of a new romantic relationship coming up for Scott and Malia.

Watch the trailer here:


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