A lot has happened in the world of tech this week. Samsung announced that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will feature its own digital assistant. By adding new powerful features to Galaxy S8, Samsung wants to revive the momentum it lost with the disastrous Note 7 explosions. A Chinese microblogging site Weibo posted that Sony will launch two new Xperia devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 – these could be the phones spotted earlier on Russian regulatory website, the Xperia G3112 and G3121 models.

And finally the much-anticipated Vivo X9 and Vivo X9 Plus devices are scheduled for an official announcement on November 16. The new smartphones will be launched at an event in Beijing. OnePlus is bringing an upgraded version of its latest flagship device. The new device will be called OnePlus 3T and will launch on November 14. OnePlus 3T comes with several improvements over OnPlus 3.

OnePlus 3T To Launch On November 14 In London

LeEco Le X850 has received TENAA certification in China and the Chinese tech firm is looking to one-up its own flagship smartphone – Le Max 2 – with the code-named Le X850 device. The device is likely to be officially named Le Max 3. Another Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi finally announced its Redmi 4 smartphone, along with three different models of the mid-range handset – Redmi 4 standard, Redmi 4A and Redmi 4 Prime. Also, Huawei’s Mate 9 Pro will be made available in Asia and Middle East starting January. In news related to tablets, Microsoft is expected to launch its Surface Pro 5 device sooner than expected. The much-anticipated Surface Pro 5 will come in January.

In other tech related news, NASA’s curiosity rover discovered odd looking metal objects on Mars. The globular golf-size ball found by Curiosity turned out to be an iron-nickel meteorite that crashed into Mars. For all interesting in-depth tech news, read on!









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