The Talking Tom game is a household name among children and features in top charts across various platforms. Today, the Talking Tom Universal Windows App has received an update in the Windows store.

The main character Tom is now modeled in 3D, with new animations to make his human-seeming characteristics even more lifelike as you poke, pet, feed and play with him. It can still repeat everything you say in his own funny voice. More actions and reactions are added to the character, like give him chillies and in reaction get flames from his mouth or give him ice cream for a cold surprise.

Following is the changelog from the app page in Windows store:

What’s new:

Take a look: Talking Tom is refreshed and looks better than ever.

Feed your friend: See Tom’s funny reactions to his favorite food.

Talking to Tom: Laugh even louder with the improved talk animations.

Child-friendly: Turn on Child mode for kids to have unlimited fun.

Following are a few screenshots from the game in action, enjoy them:

Download the updated Talking Tom HERE


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