It’s beginning to look like smartwatches are the next big thing after all. The long-awaited Android watch has received an official launch date so it is time we presented you with some details on the Tag Heuer and Intel premium device.

According to Gizmodo, the Android smartwatch will arrive on November 9 with the rather premium-category price of $1,800. This might seem like a slightly shocking price for a smartwatch, but if we take in consideration that Tag Heuer is after all one of the best Swiss premium watchmaking companies, the price is in fact reasonable for those who can afford it.

Sadly, the recently released image of the watch does not show much, but we decided to show it anyways.

tag heuer intel
Source: Gizmodo

From the image, we can see a metallic-surfaced watch with a protruding side button, probably to control the Android OS. As it has been officially stated, the smartwatch developed by Tag Heuer and Intel will be somewhat based on the Carrera series of Tag Heuer watches that you can see below.

tag heuer carreraNot only will this luxury smartwatch run Android OS, but will most likely be powered by an Intel chipset.  However the price which it will be sold for indicates that it is merely a prestige device, bought by those who can afford to spend $1,800 just to show off with it, and comparing it to the Apple Watch that is somewhere between $549-599, we are quite convinced that many will stick to Apple’s ‘cheaper’ version of premium devices.