A number of T-Mobile employees have come out alleging that the telecom giant is harboring and encouraging a predatory work culture that essentially manifests in business malpractices.

T-Mobile accused of fraudulent practices

A number of former, as well as current T-Mobile employees have reached out to BGR claiming that the company is indulging in worrisome practices that include a lot of hard selling and even bill cramming. Worth noting, just a few weeks back — December 2016 to be precise — a labor advocacy group published an alarming report [PDF] alleging that T-Mobile’s aggressive upselling was misleading many customers. Apart from pointing out how the “hard selling” was hurting both customers and employees, the report also stated that T-Mobile was clearly engaging in fraudulent practices.

“[A]cross the country, certain unscrupulous T-Mobile sales reps lie to customers and open lines on their accounts without permission, all to meet unrealistic sales goals,” BGR reports. “Management doesn’t just turn a blind eye, but uses a ‘Right Fit’ guide to ensure salespeople are pushing extras like insurance onto as many customers as possible.”

The report states that this occurs in many T-Mobile stores across the country. The company basically wants to push even unwarranted services to customers’ devices and to accomplish that, they even create issues out of thin air.

According to the employees, the company pressurized sales representatives to bring as many as 80% of its customers on the Jump insurance program. They were encouraged to bring customers on board at any cost, eventually leading to many unsuspecting customers being signed up for the service without knowledge.

The “whistleblowers” pointed out that such malpractices do not typically lead to much outrage as the victims either pay for the unwarranted service without even realizing, or they simply request for a cancellation without creating much fuss.

Although, such practices could explain why T-Mobile has a lot more complaint against it at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compared to other carriers.


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