T-Mobile today has divulged the details about its hottest carrier sans move named as “Jump on Demand” in the US. It allows you to change your device three times a year. This new initiative is not an installment plan for devices like the earlier one named as “Jump” but it is a lease plan. Under this exciting new plan you may switch between high-end smartphones from various manufacturers such as LG G4, iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung S6 edge, and Galaxy S6. It will be a good plan for those who want to use high-end phones without shelving out much from their pocket.


In Jump on Demand you have to sign a contract for 18 months and you can take away the phone without paying anything upfront. After that you have to pay US$ 28.33 (in case of Samsung Galaxy S6) per month. During the course of the contract you feel to change your device then you just need to hand back the device in the working condition and get a new device. You donot have to pay anything while giving away old device or while getting a new deice. However you again have to sign contract for 18 months and give away the new monthly payment according to our device.

One can change maximum of three devices in a year without any waiting period or any condition specified. The best part is you can even change the handset the very next day. Once the contract period is over you can handover the device back or pay the remaining amount of the device and keep using your favorite one. In the above example where we are paying monthly fee it comes out to be a total of US$ 509.94 which is US$ 169.98 less than the actual cost of US$ 679.92. So you have to pay the balance US$169.98 and keep your device.

Jump on Demand will keep running in parallel with the earlier Jump plan making it a little puzzle for the users. Jump is a device investment plan with a monthly fee of US$ 10 which allows you to upgrade your device after the lapse of 12 months or after the payment of 50% value of the device. Only benefit of having the earlier option is that there are lots of devices to choose from in the Jump however current list for Jump on Demand is very limited.


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