Samsung has announced its plan to showcase three new C-Lab projects at the ongoing SXSW. Samsung will unveil Hum On, an app that transcribes your hummed melodies into musical scores, Waffle, another Social media app that provides a platform for collaborative content creation and the third app is Entrim 4D, a Virtual reality (VR) accessory that will make users feel the ongoing movements of the on- screen actions.


Hum On, as the name suggests transcribes the melodies users hum before it into actual musical scores. After being transcribed, it lets users play it back in any of the preferred music styles like R&B, Rock or Classical. Hum On uses analysis software for detecting the duration and pitch of user’s voice and instruments playing  and then learns to draw a suitable accompaniment, the way a trained musician considers chords and melodies. Samsung has also mentioned that their team is currently working to improve the recognition accuracy and will even collaborate with musicians to facilitate more diverse, artist-inspired accompaniments in the near future.


The next app to be showcased at SXSW is Waffle, which has a UI similar to waffle. Waffle is a content-sharing app, enabling its users to create a feed of contents and also add more to already existing contents. One important feature of Waffle is that it lets users add their own perspectives to a content created by someone else.

The Final app by Samsung is Entrim 4D, Which is an experimental project related to increasing the experiences of VR. This app synchronizes the body of a VR user with the changing movements in a video content. For this, Entrim 4D takes help from an algorithm of  Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS), a technology based on the transmission of some particular electric messages to a nerve in user’s ear. These signals will be transmitted via headphones or a headgear consisting of electrodes that will correspond according to the command compiled by the algorithms.SXSW

Samsung has claimed that the Entrim 4D team has conducted test experiments on above 1,500 people and has identified and developed 30 different movement patterns. Entrim 4D team is also working on an improved version that will use additional electrodes for creating a sense of rotational motion.

It seems this SXSW is going to be more exciting and mesmerizing for users who are always looking for something more out of their good old smartphones. Stay connected for more updates about apps and smartphones and do leave your opinions and queries in the comment box below.


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