Survivor Season 35 is titled as “Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers.” As the name reveals, this season fans of the series will witness three teams compete to win a grand prize of $1 million dollars and the desired title of Sole Survivor.

The previous Season 34 has been won by Sarah Lacina. She was the member of Season 28. But that year she could not manage to win. Now Lacina is the winner of the coveted title of Sole Survivor and also won the prize money.

CBS has recently announced its fall schedule. It reveals the premiere date of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers. Other details about this reality show are also buzzing over the Internet. Here are five things fans need to know about the Survivor Season 35 premiere.

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  1. Survivor: Heroes V. Healers V. Hustlers Premiere Details

This season will premiere on Sep.27 on CBS network at 8/7c. This is going to be a one-hour premiere. After several years, fans will witness an hour long premiere unlike a 90 minute one. This season will also introduce 18 contestants and they are all fresh faces!

  1. Survivor: Heroes V. Healers V. Hustlers Theme

The upcoming season theme is associated with the personality traits of the contestants. All the 18 contestants will be divided into three teams based on their most defining trait. That is Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers.

Contestants in the team Heroes are the courageous ones, those in team Healers are known for selfless acts of service and Hustlers are popular for their energetic work ethic, reported Each team will have six members in the series.

  1. Survivor Season 35 Location

This year, the reality show will take place on one of the world’s beautiful places. That is Fiji! The contestants have to defy the odds and win the games to ultimately win the coveted prize. It has not been revealed yet in which stage of filming is Survivor currently in.

According to host Jeff Probst, the place Fiji, “…are great to work with, the islands are amazing, the water is crystal clear and the accommodations are excellent,” reported Entertainment Weekly.

  1. Season 35 Preview Has Been Dropped

Survivor Season 35 preview has been dropped by the CBS network. It teases what new challenges and contestants are coming in for the Survivor. Some of the contestants come from the medical background. While some are from the field of adventure. Their career backgrounds might help them to win the difficult tasks coming up in Season 35.

  1. Reason Why One Cannot Miss Watching Survivor Season 35

As per the aforementioned source, the host says, “The question this season is, how do those imposed labels (Heroes, Healers, Hustlers) impact how they see themselves and how will they play Survivor?”  When asked what more he can tease about Season 35 he says, “You gotta dig deep and earn them!”

Watch the preview here:


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