Survivor: Game Changers Season 34 in its penultimate episode witnessed a shocking double-elimination. Andrea Boehlke and Michaela Bradshaw were voted out by the other contestants. And with this only six contestants are left to battle out and make it to the final three spot.

Episode 10 titled “It is Not a High Without a Low” has seen the majority alliance sent Sierra Dawn Thomas out of the game. And before leaving she handed over the legacy advantage to Sarah, only to find out later, that it was Sarah who has actually ditched her in the game.

The Episode 11 has seen contestant Aubry and later contestant Brad winning the immunity challenge. But despite all the tips and tricks, Andrea could not save herself from getting voted out. Similarly, Michaela received three votes against her and had to leave the show.

After the double elimination total, six contestants are left. They are Aubry Bracco (30), Brad Culpepper (47), Cirie Fields (45), Sarah Lacina (32), Troy “Troyzan” Robertson (54), and Tai Trang (52). Out of these six, only three will make it to the final three spot and one out of them will win the Survivor title.

Survivor: Game Changers Season 34
Photo Credit: Facebook/Survivor

Fans have started speculating who will reach the final top three spot. As per the spoilers, Troyzan, Brad, and Sara plead their case to the jury members on finale night, reported Celeb Dirty Laundry. This means the remaining three, Cirie, Tai and Aubry might be voted out on the final night.

According to Zeke Smith, ex-contestant of Season 34, Sarah Lacina will win Survivor: Game Changers reported Gold Derby. He further reveals to the website that, “Sarah has been a determining factor in every single vote that you have seen thus far, but nobody knows it.” This possibility cannot be ignored as this is Sarah’s second time in the Survivor series. She was seen in Season 28 earlier.

But the other contestant, Cirie also holds a strong position in the game. As per the aforementioned source, in a poll conducted, people have voted for four-time player Cirie Fields to be the winner of the show. The second place is won by Sarah in the poll. The third place is won by Andrea. But as she has been voted out the fourth rank holder Brad Culpepper might be the potential player to reach the final three.

After looking carefully at the above speculations, one thing is clear that it may not be a surprise if Sarah Lacina and Brad Culpepper reach the top three spot. Now it remains to be seen who will be the third finalist. Will it be Troyzan or Cirie or some other contestant?

Survivor: Game Changers Season 34 finale will take place next week on CBS May 24.


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