Survivor: Game Changers Season 34 is just two episodes away from the finale. The date of the final episode has been recently dropped by CBS. Meanwhile, last week’s eliminated contestant Sierra Dawn Thomas shares her thoughts on Sarah’s betrayal and her mistake committed in this season. Read to know more.

Survivor: Game Changers Season 34 Finale Details

The final episode of Survivor: Game Changers Season 34 is scheduled on Wednesday, May 24th, reported Survivor Fandom. This will be a two-hour finale that will reveal the winner of Survivor title. The penultimate episode is the one-hour episode and will air on May 17. Now with Sierra voted out it will be interesting to watch who out of the remaining eight manage to reach the finals.

Brief Recap Of Survivor Episode 12

In this episode, a big twist was observed in the friendship of Sierra and Sarah. The latter ditched Sierra by voting her out and played an awesome trick to make Sierra hand over the legacy advantage to her. Sierra, at one point, seemed to be handing over the legacy advantage to her another close ally Brad. But she makes a mistake by handing it to Sarah and later finds out that it was not Brad but Sarah who plotted against her in the game.

Survivor: Game Changers Season 34
Photo Credit: Facebook/Survivor

Sierra Talks About Her Mistake And Sarah’s Betrayal

Sierra reveals that she found out about Sarah’s betrayal back at Ponderosa. She says, I thought it was Brad that wrote my name down,” reported Entertainment Weekly. Sierra feels, “I made a mistake this time.” She further adds, I think the reason I truly went home was my relationship with Brad, but I [also] had a case.”

Talking about Sarah’s betrayal Sierra says, “She played me. She played me like a fiddle. That’s all there was to it,” as per aforementioned source. For her Season 30 and 34 have been amazing experiences. But according to her, she is proud of her performance in Survivor: Game Changers Season 34.

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