Surface Pro 4 changed the tablet game 3 years back with a hybrid a.k.a 2-in-1 solution of a Laptop and a tablet. It’s real handy as a tablet and very capable as a laptop which makes it top the tablet game. The great success story of Surface Pro 4 has aspired many OEMs to manufacture their own 2-in-1 solutions resembling Surface Pro.

After Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Huawei, and Lenovo; Acer and Asus are gearing up to launch their own hybrid solution, that too is inspired by Microsoft’s tablet family.


The success of Redmond’s innovative solution isn’t limited to Windows world, even Apple has acknowledged the viability of 2-in-1s with the launch of Pro category for iPads with a pen and keyboard combo.

Surface Pro 4 is receiving heaps of praises from tech arena, and lately won the award for best tablet award at MWC 2016.

Acer and Asus hybrid clones will come with a 12-inch display and 3:2 screen ratio. Both tablets shall feature Intel Core processors with support for Pen. Windows 10 will be powering these devices. Other than that, there aren’t many details.

Price shall play a crucial part since all the hybrid solutions are pretty close to Surface Pro 4 and one-another.


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