Surface Phone with Snapdragon 830? SoC Listed on Windows 10 Mobile Site

It is true that there are some really great Windows-powered Microsoft smartphones in the market, but the Microsoft phones never really took off. They just could not recreate that magic that Nokia created with its Lumia series, but that’s something we’ll save for another discussion.

As of now, the Microsoft Surface Phone is the hot topic. And why not! The company has seen positive response in the market for its Surface devices, so a Surface smartphone wouldn’t come as a surprise. But would it be a surprise if we said that the Surface Phone might get powered by the best smartphone chipset till date?

Snapdragon 830 Spotted on Microsoft Website!

Yes, you heard it right. The Snapdragon 820 is the best mobile chipset in the world right now, and the next best will obviously be the Snapdragon 830 (if it will be named so). Well, we have some information coming straight from the Microsoft website that refers to this SoC. Snapdragon 830 chipset has been listed on the company website as a SoC that supports Windows 10 Mobile. Find the screenshot below. MSM8998 is the codename for Snapdragon 830/823.

snapdragon 830 spotted on microsoft website

Microsoft Surface Phone to Use Snapdragon 830?

The Snapdragon 830 (or 823) has appeared on the Microsoft website, which suggests that the company will use it in its next smartphone. Now the Surface Phone has been in the news, and it has been already said that it will be the only focus of the company and the Lumia line has been kept aside. Also, the Surface Phone, just like other Surface devices, is expected to come with a very powerful processor, and considering the fact that major flagships use the top-end Snapdragon SoCs, it is highly possible that the Surface Phone might end up with a Snapdragon 830 inside it.

Of course, just a listing on the Microsoft website does not predict everything, and we will have to wait for more confirmations. But if the company does use the SD830 in the Surface Phone, it will surely come with a high price tag and a lot of fan following.

  • Archie

    It *HAS* to be Intel. Developers stay away from Lumia because the Windows Mobile brand doesn’t have many users, because it does not have any apps. It is a never ending cycle. Using an x86 processor means that every piece of Windows software will be able to run on the phone. Sure, the apps wont be touch optimized, but the important thing is that the app gap would be gone.

  • Microsoft could see slightly higher sales numbers in the US if the current batch of Lumia phones were CDMA enabled/certified.

    By producing GSM only variants, Microsoft is shutting out customers of Verizon Wireless, Sprint and their resellers.

    Supposedly there will be three versions of the Surface Phone…each geared towards a different audience. Microsoft could utilize different processors, depending upon the particular version, but, who knows?

  • Glenn

    Nowhere on the MSDN site does it say that the Surface Phone is using the Snapdragon processor. This is to show Hardware Manufacturers what currently works on Windows 10, so they can build moving forward.

    It is well known that Microsoft is working very closely with Intel trying to develop some x86 and x64 mobile processors.

    Yes, the Snapdragon 830 is currently the best mobile processor in the world right now, and it is pretty impressive. The HP Elite X3 is using the 830.

    No where does it say that the Surface Phone will be using this processor. If you are going to write an article, maybe get your facts straight first and read your information before announcing something that is not true,

    I personally can not wait until the Surface phone is released, I will be in line waiting.