PS4 Pro is Sony’s One of the most innovative and advanced console until now. It released a little over six months and in this short period, the console is seemingly disappointing fans big time because of the high prices. Many of the fans within the core PS4 community are raising questions whether the console is worth a high price tag or not.

Sony has claimed that the console sales are going good but they haven’t yet revealed the facts and figures for the PS4 Pro until now. This, in turn, is a frustrating factor for most of the users as they actually have no idea about what they are paying the high prices for.

Sony recently added the HDR support to the console and that’s a wonderful step taken be the manufacturer. But, the PS4 Pro support and the HDR support are two totally different things and can’t be compared at all.

The console’s support can be defined as the elements such as enhanced graphics and the frame rate that the console offers regardless of the different versions of the game running on the console. Games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the best showcases for the PS4 Pro as it offers a 2160p and 4K resolution on the console. All this happens with the help of the checkerboard render and the supersampling at the 1080p resolution. However, there are certain disappointing factors involved too.

Most of the games in PS4 games library don’t have PS4 Pro support. The only advantage of the powerful console hardware is possible via the Boost Mode. The boosted games typically run on PS4 Pro at stable frame rates and they are also free of any low dips as users have witnessed on the PS4. However, this isn’t the only reason why the users have decided to buy the console at all.

Many users bought the console because they wanted better image quality, improvements and this is actually what’s been neglected by most of the game’s developers. As the result, when games with less visual improvements and low frame rates are played on the console, the users seem a little disappointed in them. This overall affects the credibility of the console.

We saw some games by Take-Two Interactive coming out in the past few weeks. The Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 and the much-hyped Prey are both developed on CryEngine. Sniper: Ghost Warrior suffers from severe aliasing issues. In addition, the game has no visual improvements and because of that, when the game is run on the PS4 Pro. It kind of feels laggy. The Boost Mode also fails to improve the frame rate.

Prey is even worse experience on the PS4 Pro and the console offers no enhancements at all. It seems like the powerful Polaris-based GPU is actually there for nothing. Both of these titles have been released an almost half year later than the console. The games should have offered improvements but they don’t. In addition, Yooka-Laylee and Styx: Shards of Darkness released even after more time, but unfortunately, they don’t offer any enhancements at all.

Based on these stats, we can clearly say that the upcoming Shadow Warrior 2 will also offer no special improvements at all.

As this situation suggests, the real culprits are the developers who are being lazy. However, the biggest mistake is of Sony’s that offers locked options and these options are even not available to most of the players. This is actually a big issue that addresses all the players who play the game at 1080p. For these fans the HD mode is available yet they can’t actually have the Supersampling or even the Downsampling while playing the games on an HDTV.

Sony doesn’t seem to care about it at all and this is probably one of the biggest reasons why the Support for PS4 Pro is growing a big disappointment among the console users. Hopefully, Sony will resolve this minor-looking yet the biggest issue and that might lead the fans to rid the disappointment for the console.


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