People use VPN to enhance their privacy and security while using the internet on their devices. VPNs basically route your internet through private networks so that your browsing activities are unknown to anyone including your service provider. This also strengthens the security of your connection and does not slow down your net.

supervpn apk download

If you like using VPN and want a free VPN app for Android, then you should use SuperVPN APK. SuperVPN is completely free and easy to use VPN client for Android. In just one click, you are connected to the VPN network that offers unlimited bandwidth for unlimited free trial time. You don’t require to register, and there are no limitations. The only catch in the free version is that after the 20 days trial, you can use SuperVPN for 60 minutes every session. But reconnecting again gives you another session, so it’s easy.

SuperVPN APK download file for Android has been updated to version number 1.9.6 today. This update works with Android 4.0 and weighs only 4.91 MB. With this new update, you can now use one session up to 180 minutes before reconnecting. Also, exit AD has been removed and connection issues have been fixed in SuperVPN 1.9.6 APK.

You can download Super VPN APK for Android from the source link below.

  • frankbilson

    Free VPN providers keep logs of every single user and most of them share users internet activities with government surveillance agencies. but here are some great VPN services which provides online security and ever share customer logs with anyone includes Ivacy VPN, Express VPN & PIA. All of them are effective. I usually subscribe Ivacy it is perfect in price for Just $1.66/month with 2 years plan.

    • marissalopezml

      Yes definitely free vpns are keeping records but yes expressvpn is much more better than any other.

      • frankbilson

        Yes, Ivacy VPN is also going great and people are having good reviews about it’s service.