If you are familiar with Superuser Management, you must surely have come across the SuperSU app for Android phones and tablets. Basically, people use it to root their Android devices, but there’s much more technicality to it that we don’t intend to get into. For all those who use SuperSU APK, a new update has been released today and comes with lots of changes and bug fixes. What’s more important is that it now supports the latest Samsung 6.0.1 retail firmwares.

Here’s the complete changelog for the SuperSU 2.68 APK as given on XDA developer’s forum:

28.02.2016 – v2.68 – BETA
– su: Add -mns/–mount-namespace option
– su: Fix issue with sdcard on Note4/5.1
– sukernel: Fix issue where writing to /dev could truncate early at 64k barriers
– supolicy: Fix logcat issue on Omni/CM/etc
– supolicy: Disable AUDITDENY entries, to make debugging easier for devs
– supolicy: Extend fake-permissive to work with new Samsung firmwares
– ZIP: Fix TWRP log truncating and screen output on installs embedded in other ZIPs
– ZIP: Improve loopback device setup handling
– ZIP: Move variable reading to after /system and /data have been mounted
– ZIP: Added call to custom patcher script, if any (/data/custom_ramdisk_patch.sh)
– ZIP: chmod 0751 /su/bin

The latest SuperSU 2.68 APK download file is compatible with Android 2.1 and above and is only 5.88 MB large. It is a beta update, so there might still be some unresolved bugs. But considering the large number of fixes and changes in this update, it is worth downloading.

You can download SuperSU 2.68 APK free from the source link given below.


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