Super Smash Bros is finally coming to Nintendo Switch and there is also a new character rumored to be added in the Fall release.

This all came into light after a Reddit user LightsaberCrayon collected data from almost all of Nintendo’s Amiibos. While analyzing it, he found a new DLC character for the Super Smash Bros. The data also led to a possibility of Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch version. According to his estimates, Super Smash Bros for Nintendo will release in Fall 2017.

A recent appearance of four un-described Nintendo Amiibos on one of Nintendo’s official pages also gives the hints about Super Smash Bros Nintendo port. Keep in mind that every available amiibo has a CPSIA certificate that authenticates it but the four undescribed amiibos don’t have these certificates. At the moment we have only a minimum info on these amiibos. We’ll update as soon as more info is revealed.

The Reddit detective used an online tool named as Way Back Machine. He used the tool to find the original Certificate details of the amiibos. Later on, he compared the certificate dates with the release dates for the un-described amiibos. The Reddit detective found out that the usual time between the amiibos arriving on the site and their certification release is about 60 days maximum. This is how he predicted the release of possible new character. If you like to have a look at the data for all the release dates with the item serial numbers, check this out.

If you look at the images below, you’ll find out that each of the series maintains an identifier. You can simply know this by the first two letters of any particular item number. For example, AK goes for Zelda, AQ is related to Fire Emblem, and AA is for Smash bros.

Images courtesy PVPLive
Images courtesy PVPLive.
Images courtesy PVPLive

To confirm it all, you can simply visit the original Nintendo certificate page and any of the un-described Amiibo serial numbers. This way you’ll be able to find the original certificate.

In the above image, you can see the item number outlined in red. Each and every new Amiibo has its own unique Smash series Item code number listed on it. The three undescribed amiibo characters are of Bayonetta, Corrin, and Cloud.

These three amiibo characters were lined up for a release in 2016 but for some unknown reasons, they were delayed. The fourth Amiibo character looks like a new Super Smash bros Downloadable content character.

If of course this fourth amiibo is a new DLC character, it’ll be a good addition to Super Smash Bros. However, this character can also be an existing one with a possibly new outfit. As we know that any amiibo release time from getting an official certificate is about 60 days. So, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta might all be releasing in the coming two months. It is also possible that the new undescribed amiibo will be delayed for a combined release with all the other amiibos. It is also rumored that all of the undescribed amiibos will be releasing with Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros port.

The possible delays

Based on all the data, we can say it is possible that Super Smash Bros might follow the 3 year anniversary of Nintendo 3Ds and Nintendo Wii U. This would delay it a little bit.


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