The company’s first smartphone game is coming to iOS on December 15 and it won’t be totally free. Fans are also wondering if a retailer just spilled the beans on the price of this upcoming game.

super mario run release date
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Super Mario Run $10 price tag has got gamers quite riled up

$10 for a whole game is better than the cancerous crap that is the in-app purchase. And, frankly, it’s not an endless runner, there are puzzles and stuff that you have to navigate. It’s Mario, where Mario moves on his own. An endless runner is “get as far as you can without dying”. This is just a Mario game where you have the right dpad pressed constantly, the levels end, therefore it isn’t endless.

Nintendo games are usually simple arcade games basically. Xbox one and PS4 are trying to be more focused for more hardcore gamers and a central multimedia entertainment experience. We still think there’s more pay to win content, though. Just look at the third section where you build a kingdom, there’s a shop tab as well as a coin counter on the top right. We’re guessing it’s gonna be like Pokémon go.

In other words, this game is going to bomb. By December any generated hype train will gradually perish and pretermit among fans assuming this is definitively the final trailer of the game until launch. In addition, more than half of the mobile demographic can’t access this game even if they inclined to: it’s not available on Android, which we’re certain is the most popular phone OS with more than half of the market share, or others, meaning only 25% of mobile owners can access this game.

Super Mario Run is an upcoming side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer video game developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. It is scheduled for release first on iOS in December 2016, and for Android at a later date.


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