Does Super Mario Maker 3DS stack up to the original on Wii U? It doesn’t have the online feature but you can still play online with the 100 Mario Challenge on the 3DS version. And most of the courses from the Wii U can be played on the 3DS version, though some of them will not work on 3DS (mostly the ones with Mystery Mushrooms).

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Super Mario Maker 3DS version review, is it better than the one on the Wii U?

New Super Mario Maker 3DS sounds like a match made in heaven for Super Mario Maker fans from the Wii U version. Being able to create Mario Maker levels on the go? Sounds like a dream come true. But Super Mario Maker 3DS fails in one key aspect that brings the whole experience crashing down.

When the entire PURPOSE of Mario Maker is the online connectivity, you miss the entire point of the game by axing it from a portable version. At least you could let the game gives you a file size limit for how many levels you can download and warn you that you might need some extra space. But not having it at all is just brain-dead stupid.

The 3DS hardware has nothing to do with the fact that you can’t upload levels. A port of LittleBigPlanet was made about 7 years ago for the PSP and even that had online level uploading. If a PSP can upload LittleBigPlanet levels, there is no reason why a 3DS can’t upload 2D Mario levels.

The ORIGINAL DS has perfectly functional online capabilities (before it got shut down anyway). Online doesn’t eliminate StreetPassing when you could give an extra bonus to it in the first place. You have the convenience of not needing an online connection during the whole process, so there’s always an incentive if you know people that have the game. But not everyone has friends around that can StreetPass. This is the only StreetPass example we’ve ever seen where you completely gimp your game without being able to use it.


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