Sunset Overdrive was one of the unexpected examples of overcoming the adversity of the early Xbox One period. It was winning over commentators with its flippant state of mind and quick paced gameplay. For a console that needs characterizing first-party games past the Halo, Gears of War, and Forza establishments, the Insomniac Games title appeared like a characteristic possibility to get a continuation. Be that as it may, over two years expelled from its dispatch, the establishment is still lethargic.

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Sunset Overdrive Won’t Be An Xbox One Exclusive For Long, Insomniac Games

Game Informer asked Insomniac president Ted Price for what good reason there has been no development on a sequel. And he answered, “You’d need to ask Microsoft.” But with or without Microsoft’s interest, Sunset Overdrive may pound once more.

Sunset Overdrive developer said that he is enthusiastic about that establishment. And they claim it, so you may see more Sunset later on from them. This is what Price said. “No guarantees, and no course of events to discuss, however. It is something that speaks to our eagerness to make surprising games.”

At this moment, Insomniac is at present chipping away at the PS4-restrictive Spider-Man and its VR title The Unspoken. It has a full period of substance arranged. The studio just fell off its busiest year to date. It was shipping Ratchet and Clank, Song of the Deep, Edge of Nowhere, Feral Rites, and The Unspoken all in 2016.

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