Real –  a South Korean action thriller movie directed by Lee Sa-rang, starring Kim Soo-Hyun, Sung Dong-il, Lee Sung-min, Choi Jin-ri and Jo Woo-jin – released yesterday, June 28, 2017, in South Korea. The movie revolves around a colorful city controlled by the underworld, where a troubleshooter Jang Tae-Yeong (played by Kim Soo-Hyun) who’s good at dealing with dark business solves all requests. How things change for him when he meets a former detective reporter forms the crux of the story. While the movie released only yesterday, photos of Sulli’s nude scenes in the film have already surfaced online.

Photos of Sulli’s nude scenes in ‘Real’ surface online

This isn’t the first time a celebrity’s nude photos have been leaked online. Last year in December, Maisie Williams, the English actress who made her professional acting debut as Arya Stark in the epic HBO fantasy television series Game Of Thrones, fell victim to nude photo hacking. Choi Jin-ri, popularly known as Sulli, has now fallen victim to illegal photo leak. Photos of nude scenes of the actress taken illegally in a theater during the filming of the movie have been leaked online.

A representative from the distribution company of the movie Real confirmed that the nude photos have been illegally taken and leaked –

Photos that seemed to be taken in the theater are spreading online so we’re in the process of deletion. We are deleting them as soon as we find or receive reports about it. It is absolutely illegal to take photos in the theater and share them. We’re not taking (legal) action as of now but we plan to take action if the illegal activity continues.

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Although no legal action is being planned as of now, it looks like the distribution company CJ Entertainment will take action if the illegal activity continues. Meanwhile, CJ Entertainment has issued a statement about the incident –

We are currently monitoring this on line to make sure we delete everything as soon as we confirm a leak. We are attempting to find out what happened since the movie just began airing today. We are not considering legal action as of yet but we will monitor the situation and how widespread this becomes first to check it out


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