So instead of giving us a sequel to Arkham Origins that revolves around The Long Halloween (which is hinted at in multiple games), or a new Suicide Squad game, we get a future Batman game with Damian Wayne as Batman instead of Terry McGinnis. Because they felt it was easier to “sell” Damian than Terry? Even though Terry predates Damian and has been popular among fans for years as Batman Beyond? This is a big joke. This is a hard pass for us already, as we can’t stand Damian and how he’s constantly been shoved down our throats since his inception. Good going, WB Montreal.

suicide squad game
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Suicide Squad game is no longer in the works, instead, we get to play as Damian Wayne

Despite all the furor, we hope the Batman game (with Batman’s son) will come to production. It sounds really interesting plus the fact it ties a bit with Arkham Knight. And it is a continuation after the years. We’re also glad that Bruce is not dead. The ending was bad ass with the manor exploding but it put a hole in our heart (even though it’s a game).

The thing that bugs us is that they originally wanted Terry McGinnis but are doing Damian. Because they don’t want a new character. But Terry has been around longer. It just doesn’t make sense. The Arkham games were awesome. We can’t wait to see what they do next. We think that they’ll do a Superman game since there were lots of references in Arkham Knight.

We think it’s for the best. The Suicide Squad game would have probably pandered to edgy 14-year olds like the movie and sucked. But now, the Batman game will probably be that much better now. We would much prefer a Batman Beyond type of game. People wouldn’t see that coming and the hype would be massive. And if Rocksteady also decides to work on a Superman game, then we’re all up for it as well.

Source: Kotaku


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