When talking about Android games, one of the first names that comes to our mind is Subway Surfers. The game has a mad fan-following and is given new updates every few weeks to keep the excitement on. Subway Surfers World Tour takes the players to different major cities of the world and offers them a gameplay experience in the style the city is known for. The game is simple- all you do is keep running fast and dodge the trains while jumping and collection coins.

subway surfers arabia apk

If you are a Subway Surfers fan, then you will be even more excited with this news. A new update has been released for the game, and this brings the players to the Arabian Subway. Subway Surfers 1.51.0 APK takes you to the mystical Middle East and offers great new additions. Your surfer crew can now be given a new outfit for Amira. You can also now surf through the enchanted Subway using the new Old Dusty board. You need to search for magic lamps for earning Weekly Hunt prizes.

The new Subway Surfers APK download file weighs 53.61 MB and requires Android 4.0 and above. The new major changes make it worth updating to the latest version. You can download Subway Surfers 1.51.0 APK from the Play Store.