Ark Survival Evolved has just received another big update. The game previously received a big one earlier this week. The new download tweaks the game’s UI and offers some of the basic changes.

Ark Survival Evolved receives new updates almost every month. With the continuous updates stream, Studio Wildcard offers new content such as new Dions and loads of other great things. The latest update that the game received earlier this week, added four new creatures in the game along with some new TEK gear.

However, the Studio Wildcard have recently released another big update that doesn’t offer much but it tweaks game’s UI for a number of improvements. The new update is available on PS4 and Xbox One only.

Moreover, the Ark Survival Evolved development team has recently revealed that they are going to make the Volcanoes active in the game. This means that there is something really big on the horizon and fans will soon have it.

As reported earlier, the new Volcano changes are bound to come with the next big update patch that will land on PC soon in the start of May 2017. In addition, to save all those who have bases in the affected areas, new warning zones have also been added to the PC version.

According to the Studio Wildcard;

“PC update v257 has been pushed back a few days with a new ETA of May 3rd. In combination with the patch needing more time in the oven, we want to give players time to move their bases out of the volcano area.

Console players take note too, as this change will eventually come to you as well.

In the next PC update, the volcano will be receiving an active remodeling which will consume anything in the vicinity.

A client-side patch pushed out earlier today now includes these borders in your game so you can see the affected area. You are HIGHLY recommended to move out of the area before the v257 patch goes live.”

So, this statement from the Studio Wildcard also hints a console version of the same update that’s been in development for quite some time now. As it’s soon to be released on PC, the Console version will follow soon as well. Following are the Patch Notes for the latest Ark Survival Evolved Update.

Ark Survival Evolved New Update Patch Notes

UI Related:
  • Chat Box offset is now fixed when scaling the UI
  • Chat Box no longer covers hotbar when inventory is open
  • RT will now craft single items from engrams
  • Buttons re-arranged in inventory UI in order of player usage
  • Hold down RT on consumables for rapid usage
  • Tooltips now lets you decide whether you want to show the item name or the item info using specific callouts
  • Non-data tooltips are instantaneous
Game Input changes:
  • Back now navigates inventory HUB to the left (inventory, engrams, tribe manager, etc)
  • Start now navigates inventory HUB to the right (inventory, engrams, tribe manager, etc)
  • RB can be used to cycle inventory tab (to switch between inventory and crafting)
  • Chat can now be opened within an inventory using LB + Start or LB + Back
  • Left Joystick can be used to cycle local and remote inventories
  • Right Joystick can be used to activate a structure (e.g lighting a campfire)
Server side:
  • Timeout or disconnection from player log off has been significantly reduced (edited)
  • Wild Dinos will no longer tick twice


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