Street Fighter V, a new chapter in a long-running fighting series is here and it has a virtual currency of its own called Fight Money. With enough of it (100k or more), you can buy one DLC character without spending a dime of real money. But collecting that amount can be hard so we collected some relatively easy ways for earning big volumes of Fight Money.


Survival Mode

If you finish Survival mode with one character, you’ll be rewarded with Fight Money, the amount depending on the difficulty you choose. The easy difficulty will get you around 10 gifts (about 10k Fight Money) while the Hell difficulty will bring you ten times more. Finishing Survival Mode will also level you up, and earn you some more Fight Money. As a bonus, each time you finish Survival mode new alternative costume colors for your character will be unlocked.

Story Mode

Each time you finish Story mode, you’ll get 10k worth of Fight Points. This can be done only once with each character and since there are 16 fighters currently in the game, you can earn around 160k just by finishing the story with every character.


Challenges will be implemented in the game somewhere during the March, they will offer players daily rewards if they succeed to complete them. There is still no information how much Fight Money those rewards will worth.

You can still earn Fight Money by playing online ranked matches, but amounts you receive are much lower than those for completing single player mods. You’ll be able to spend all that Fight Money when the in-game shop opens up in March.


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