Capcom is finally releasing the first of the two major updates promised this week today.

The updates were high in demand since the launch of the title as Street Fighter V was largely seen by most fans as a half-baked product missing too many key features. In fact, the developer also apologized for the same and promised to introduce all the missing features and patches that should have been there right at the launch as early as possible.

Street Fighter V update
Street Fighter V update will bring additional online features

In continuation of that effort, Capcom had promised that two major updates would be released this week, as reported by the Engadget.

The first of these two updates, scheduled for March 28 release, will bring a new Challenge Mode with more comprehensive tutorials encompassing the need of all players across all skill and experience levels.

The developer claimed that the new “demonstration” tutorials are aimed at making the gameplay easier for the players in addition to testing their ability to easy as well as hard combo strings. The update will also boost the overall health of the Street Fighter V online ecosystem. An eight-person lobby will be introduced, which is believed to be only the beginning of a chain of newer additions to come.

Additional support for spectators as well as the option for voting for a rematch will also be added.

Another major Street Fighter V update will be released two days later, on Wednesday and it will unlock the fan-favorite Alex as the new playable character in the game.

However, it might take some time before Capcom is able to introduce the Zenny system (real world money) and therefore, fans will have to work with Alex as a “trial” only till the store is completely set up, the CountryCaller reports.


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