Here are our thoughts on Street Fighter V Season 2 if Iori was in the game. And how he’d play. Let us know your thoughts about this character being featured in Street Fighter V Season 2.

Street Fighter V

How will Iori play in Street Fighter V Season 2?

Iori Playstyle: Low hit fireballs to force jumps, anti-air grabs, and slicing rekkas. A few overhead options to go with the fireballs. Maybe a no-damage grab like Yun for mix-ups. EX moves can be double fireballs, armored rekkas, and overheads with low auto-mix-ups. And a double no-damage grab to create confusion

V-Skill: Controlled Riot. Certain moves can be amplified with Riot Charges to change their properties. These are gained with V-Skill and operate a bit like Juri. Fireballs and grabs gain a burn effect similar to F.A.N.G.’s poison. Rekkas will auto, and that sort of thing

V-Trigger: Riot of the Blood. Iori goes nuts, getting unlimited Riot Charges.

Critical Art: Orochi no Hoko (Roar of Orochi) AKA Ya Sakazuki, Eight Wine Cups. Iori throws a fireball that blossoms into a chain of eight fire pillars that travel across a quarter of the screen in front of him.

V-Trigger Critical Art: Ya Otome (Eight Maidens). An eight blow combo where Iori grabs the opponent. Throws them down. And just tears into them.

Its entirely possible for hi to be featured. They DID let Mai be a guest character in DOA5LR. And with the previous relationship that Capcom has with SNK, we doubt they’d be against having a character crossover into SFV. It’d also help bump sales of KOF14 a bit because people would go “hey, he’s from king of fighters, lets try that game out”. If they aren’t already aware of the franchise or paid attention to it.

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