Can’t wait to get your hands on Street Fighter V? If you’ve bought the game digitally, you may not have to wait for long. The game is coming out on February 16th, and the preload is already available on Steam and the North American PSN.


The downloads of the game clock in at 7.15 GB on Steam, and 7.32 GB on the PS4. The game itself takes a total of 13.45 GB on PC, and 12.34 GB on the PS4. Going by these numbers, it looks like the 1.01 day one update has been integrated with the preload download.

Curious why there’s no preload on Xbox Live? Well, that’s not really hard to answer: Street Fighter V is a console exclusive to the PlayStation 4, unlike its predecessor, which came out on the Xbox 360, along with PlayStation 3. Street Fighter V also features cross-platform gameplay, so expect to see Steam players duking it out with PlayStation 4 players, and vice versa.

The game will finally unlock on February 16th, its release day, which is when you can start throwing your punches and kicks and all the bizarre, spectacular moves the series is known for.


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